Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Today we are going to New Hampshire to order our yurt. I am incredibly excited about it - our new home. After we place the order, we have about 6 weeks before the yurt is completed to prepare the site. There is only a little clearing involved, on the edges of the yurt-space. Most of the work is building: the platform, an outhouse, at least one storage building. We also have to dig a well. The well is essential, because though I can happily live without electricity, and even - temporarily - without a stove and fridge, I am addicted to water. Nothing compares to cold water on a hot day.

Despite our long "to-do" list though, my mind is almost completely focused on decor. I'm inspired by so many lovely images and I can't wait to have a whole new, round space to make my own! Most of the pictures below are ones I've gotten inspiration from - obviously, I won't be completely imitating them, but I love the feeling they evoke.


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