Monday, July 26, 2010

Yurt photos - in reverse order:

This is the inside of the yurt, right after we put the dome on - all finished!
This is the lattice of the yurt, with the roof insulation on, there is a liner between the insulation and the roof beams, so that we don't have to see the insulation, which looks like tin-foil.

Here is my husband putting the beams in the dome circle, it was difficult, he had to stand on staging, holding the circle, which is heavy, and guiding the beam into the brace, then someone else would pin the beam into place.

Here is a side view of us raising the first few beams, the hardest to get up. Once the first four were in place, the circle could balance on them for the most part, and stay in the air. Aren't the lattice walls pretty!

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