Monday, November 8, 2010

Last night the yurt stood strong through hurricane winds. The storm started after midnight and continued through the early morning hours. The wind was so loud it woke us up as it gathered power and pushed against the door. I expected the glass to break and rain to come blowing in. The yurt itself didn't seem to stuggle in the heavy winds, watched and waited all night for it to shudder and shake, but the yurt held strong. I'm glad to know our canvas home can withstand the wind.

We have been drowning in rain the past few weeks. Even with our newly improved road, it's a slippery drive out, and our front yard is all muck and mud. The stream is waist deep where once it was just past our ankles, it's fast moving and the path to it is slippery with dead leaves. I've never seen such a wet fall. We are hoping that all this rain will lead into a dry winter. If our winter is as wet as our fall, I think we'll be spending most of it snowed in!

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