Monday, June 6, 2011

This monster has been living in our house all spring. I've thrown him out twice - once just for being Too Large, and once for crawling towards my eye across all the pillows on the bed, early in the morning when I was unprepared and all alone. Now he's made a home for himself among the seedlings just outside the yurt, and I'm happy to leave him there. I don't mind him Being, only being inside, or on me. He's just Too Large to be on people.

Luba has decided that he's come to be her friend - she's desperate for friends, obviously - and can't understand why he curls into a ball of sharp legs and bad taste when she tries to pick him up and toss him around. She's tried nudging him with her nose and pawing him around on the ground, but he refuses to play and only comes uncurled when she gives up and goes back to watching the chickens.

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