Tuesday, July 19, 2011

My vodkas are made! Lime, orange, and peach. We served them at Yarrow's baptism party on Saturday. The baptism itself was lovely. We belong to the Latin Mass Chaplaincy in our diocese and our priest was fantastic and agreed to do the baptism on such short notice. I've never participated in an Extrodinary Form baptism, I loved the prayers and the rich symbolism. Yarro looked fantastic in her baptismal garb, my husband made her an amber braclet and necklace to compliment the amber on the dress, and my mom made a fantastic little bonnet out of lace almost exactly like the lace on the dress, which was from my wedding. I know we have some photos, but I really don't know where they are. Eventually I'll post them.

The weather has been insanely hot these past few days, and the next couple days are supposed to be even hotter. I'm trying to keep Yarrow out of the heat, and at the same time, trying not to be gone from home all day every day, it's a delicate balance. Poor Luba has been left more than she'd like to be, because I can't keep her in the car in this weather. Apparently Maine is not alone in record breaking heat, the rest of the country is suffering as well. We're hoping in breaks soon, my chickens are getting crabby, and all I want to do is hide away in air conditioning.

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