Monday, October 10, 2011


This past weekend, apart from stacking and processing firewood, we did very little except enjoy the sunshine and warm days.  Sunday the temperature soared up over 80 and the sky was bright blue.  I wrote to my sister-in-law down south, and made a skin soothing salve with rose-hips, St. John's wort, calendula, and green tea. Luba barked at the sky and chased the chickens, and Yarrow enjoyed her sky with it's frame of red and yellow leaves.
The coming week I have a lot planned, but as usual, it's fluid. Yarrow has been growing, and eating a ton to keep up with herself, which makes her a bit less satisfied being carried, or set down, or in any position not nursing, and I have not quite mastered nursing while hauling gravel or cutting up garden space! Last week I had hoped to get more done, but the rain was a consistent deterrent, and everything was put off. But "getting stuff done" is not really the point of my life. We moved onto the land to enjoy it primarily, and that we're doing, whether it takes weeks or months to finish all these little projects is really not important, what matters is that we flourish here, and we are, which makes me happy every day.

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