Monday, November 14, 2011

Laundry Day II

I've given up my little laundry barn. My attempt to go regularly - every Tuesday - to wash fell apart there thanks to too many people with no sense of ritual and too few machines to accomodate us all. One week I would have the place to myself, another week I would come in to find the whole place full, and a line formed for the washers. As I'm in the process of preparing for winter: bringing out our stored warm fabrics to clean and hang, I would rather go to a laundromat I can depend on. This week, I've rediscovered Betty's. It's clean, close, and free from overly-friendly attendants. It is more expensive, but only slightly, as the machines are bigger, and there are enough of them to garuntee I won't be stuck waiting with a fussy baby, dirty clothes and nowhere to go. Best of all, Betty's has wi-fi, so waiting around for clothes to dry should be a lot more fun!

Now laundry day is Thursdays, the day I meet my mother-in-law in town, though I may go twice this week, to make up for delays. I have so many tapastries to clean before they can start keeping out the cold.

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