Thursday, November 3, 2011

Papering the Outhouse ~ A work in progress

My outhouse is a continual work in progress. My husband built it to be a cozy, bathroom-style outhouse, not a tiny, rush-to-it-and-out-again-quickly style outhouse. Once he finished the actual building, I set to work decorating. The wall-papering is taking longest. I'm always running out of pages of poetry, despite my sister's generosity in sending pages and pages from old literary journals. One wall, over the counter, is done, and the skinny walls along it are almost finished. I may paper the back wall with album covers instead of poems, to break up the writing. But so far I love the look of poetry scattered across the walls, I love noticing fascinating lines while I'm in there and I'm looking forward to seeing the end product - when everything is papered and painted, with shelves and candles and books against the wall. 


  1. Do you need more? I HAVE MORE.

    Let me know.