Monday, December 5, 2011

Yurting II: Trunks and Baskets

Our space is limited. About 500 square feet, and no closets. It's the lack of closet-space that is the most difficult to adjust to. I've always been the sort to pile everything behind closet doors and leave the open space clean. Now, with only open space, I have to find a new way to hide the extra things. My favorite way to hide things now is in baskets. We have a lined dirty diaper basket, a couple sewing baskets, a scarf basket, a clean-diaper basket, baskets for vegetables, baskets for laundry. With the lattice walls, I can hang baskets by looping scarves in the handles and weaving them through the lattice.

For the piles of warm winter clothes, blankets, and larger things, I have four trunks: a trunk for sheets and blankets, a trunk for extra bulk foods - like barley, beans, and coffee - and two trunk for winter sweaters, coats, big blankets, and whatever else I can fit in them, like my sewing machine, small shelves we haven't hung yet, and even more extra fabric. Two of the least used trunks are stacked to make our altar, the others make attractive shelf, or table tops for books, baskets, and the big mirror. 

I'd love one more big trunk and about five more baskets with handles. When the kitchen is done, and I can move some of my shelving out there, along with most of the food, I think I'll have space for it, and for the little vanity I've been wanting for years: a little desk devoted to eyeliner and hair-ties would be ideal, I think.

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