Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Cold nights and computers

Night temperatures dropped to ten-below this past weekend. I spent Saturday night awake and watching the stove, feeding wood whenever the gauge went below 300, stoking, sweeping, and sorting laundry on the couch while my little family slept. I like long nights, they give me a sense of succeeding against time, until morning comes and I feel the loss of a whole night's rest.

That weekend we learned detachment as well, when our laptop slipped from it's bag and into a puddle of muddy slush in Portland - killing the hard-drive, and with it all the photos we haven't put online. It was disappointing, but freeing too, and we're enjoying the chance to start anew, with only the photos we thought good enough to share.

I'm also struggling to figure out why I can't see the comments on some of my posts, or respond to them, except through e-mail. It's frustrating, and confusing. I'm not very online-literate, so I'm just hoping the problem fixes itself soon! Unless anyone out there can tell me how to make it right???

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