Thursday, February 9, 2012

Daily life

Febuary has been treating us well, so far. I can't believe the mildness of this winter! Today, another day above freezing, with bright sun and high, puffy clouds.

I had my coffee before dawn, while Yarrow and Luba slept on the bed. I added to the wood-stack beside the stove, gave fresh water to the chickens and collected the early morning eggs. Our chickens have been averaging about 3 or 4 eggs a day this winter, not bad for late winter! I don't know what we'll do with them when Lent comes.

When Yarrow woke, and after nursing restfully for a while, we swept up, stoked the stove, and worked on the list of intentions for the land. I'm trying to keep track because if I don't, I forget for months, and nothing gets done at all. I have an image in my mind of what I want our house to look like, the over-all impression I want it to give - to us and to visitors, but making that vision live takes time and a good deal more patience than I've developed. Like the land, my patience is a work in progress.

But here is an interior photo of one of my inspirations. Obviously I'm not hoping to mimic exactly, but I like many aspects - the bright colors, the tapestries,
the covered & revealed lattice-work. The 'eastern' but not 'far-east' feel of the decor. This summer I'm hoping to visit plenty of flea-markets and antique stores for fabric, lights, and rugs. When I get home this afternoon, I'll kick-up the stove again, and get to work on my list. Tomorrow should be warm enough to continue papering the outhouse. Today, I'll focus on cleaning out my fabric. There may be something I can use on the walls.

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