Tuesday, April 24, 2012


We are a little late in starting our seeds. I had them, in their little paper packets on the desk, looking hopeful for weeks, but only planted them last week. This week if the weather allows, I’ll be putting in some of the outdoor seeds. I wanted to wait until the fence was up around the back garden, to keep the chickens out, we lost too many plants to their eager appetites last year. We are still waiting on a rototiller to extend the gardens and prepare the front yard to take grass-seed. After cleaning out the chicken’s this spring, I have an abundance of chicken manure for the front garden, but I’m still hoping for some cow or horse manure to mix in.

While my parents were up, they help in clearing along the road, areas I’m hoping to have cleaner, wider, and ready for gravel or planting by this summer. The days have been perfect for work. Bright sun, big white clouds, cool breezes and warm air.

I keep forgetting that it’s still only April. At this time last year we still had snow on the ground, a muddy road, and no front garden at all. A long spring is a blessing to cherish and enjoy, but even so, I’m impatient for summer to come again.

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