Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Bohemian Mama: Talking differences

Trying to work up the courage to discuss hot-button issues with other parents is not easy. I've offended friends and family before. There are certain issues that make people tense. That cause careless comments to escalate into arguments. I guess it's because we tend to feel judged when someone we know and respect makes a different choice with similar information.  A good friend is completely comfortable with circumcision, a procedure that horrifies me. Vaccines were the cause of a recent family conflict, but arguments arise over less serious issues too - anything from types of toys to diapers to deciding to go back to work.

I am working on writing up my thoughts about some of these issues, editing and re-editing to avoid sounding either too harshly set in my opinions or too nonconfrontational to say anything worthwhile at all. Argument for the sake of argument really isn't the point of this blog. I write here to share a bit of our lifestyle - including, but not limited to our parenting choices. I don't want to avoid controversy, but I definitely don't want to create it unnecessarily.

With all that said, NPR and new baby-boys among our friends are making me think a lot about the issue of circumcision. That post should be up within the week.

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