Friday, July 6, 2012

Herbs and Flowers

Not herbs or flowers..but so green and pretty!

Everything is in bloom around us! I spent some of the afternoon yesterday harvesting Yarrow (the plant, not the baby) and starting a tincture with some of the fresh stalks and flowers, as well as drying the rest for winter teas. I found my lost, dried chamomile and started a tincture with some of that too, along with drowning some of it in olive oil. A friend mentioned steeping some the other day and I was enthused, I’ve really only every used Chamomile in teas, but infused oils are supposed to be wonderful for calming frustrated skin, and so here I go!

We’ve been putting in a few herbs recently, Comfry for wounds and bites, lemon balm for restful teas, roses for beauty and oils. Our red clover is spreading, which delights me, as clover is such a healthy herb! It drives away colds, brightens my mood, and is sort of a ideal catch-all herb for women. We don’t have much, but I’m hoping that, as our trees recede a bit, it will have some space to spread and grow.

Our Beebalm is blooming, and I’ve found a fantastic recipe for beebalm infused apple jelly. I’m excited to try it, though apples aren’t really in season. I’m going to do it anyway, maybe I’ll enlist the help of the family on their visit! But some of the flowers I’m saving to make bright, beautiful teas that lift winter blues, and smell just a bit like heaven.

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