Tuesday, July 31, 2012

The Simplicity Project: Fasting

The Dormition Fast begins tomorrow, and in pursuit of my goals, the first of which being relationship with God, I’m participating for the first time in years. It’s a difficult fast to do because there really isn’t a cultural context for it here in New England, where we don’t have even one Byzantine parish. But this year I’m determined, and Seth excited as well. We’ll be giving up meat, alcohol, milk and cream -but not cheese and eggs, - sugar, and desserts.

The benefits of fasting are huge, and not just in a spiritual sense. Fasting is really an ideal way to bring our meals into an attitude of simplicity - at least temporarily. To cleanse and refocus the table. An aspect of my simplicity project I’ll be focusing on especially during the Dormition fast is the beautification of the table, and regularizing meals. I have a tendency to allow distractions to interfere with creating meals that are “holy times”, meals that are “alive with the goodness of God” as Cardinal Ratzinger (now Pope) encourages.

So, here we go. Fasting along to a simpler, better rhythm in our mealtimes!


  1. Oh, this sounds like a wonderful practice of faith steeped in tradition and simplicity. I've never heard of it, though, and I need to learn more about the other churches outside the Roman rite.

  2. I love it..most of the time. Right now it's hard because the amazing new Mexican restaurant is giving free bottles of Sol with every shot of Tequila, and we gave up both..but mostly I love it. :)

    I miss my Ukrainian church..Maine has nothing outside the Roman rite, which is nice, but still..I like my options :)

  3. There is a Maronite Rite church (St. Joseph) in Waterville. I actually just wrote to the Ukrainian Eparchy in Stamford, CT today, too!