Thursday, September 6, 2012

My life's lists..

Things I Absolutely Need to Finish this Fall
1. The greywater system required by the town. My least favorite project, and the one the most needs attention.

2. Papering the Outhouse. It’s been a long process, but I’ve finally hit my last wall. I can’t wait to finish and start painting!

3. Clearing along the road and filling in ditches. The plow-guy last winter gave up plowing all the way in after a while, and I’m expecting this winter to be worse than last, I’d like to make it possible to drive in most of the season.

4. Get internet at the yurt. Yes, it is possible! There are portable connectors, that run on battery. I could have semi-consistent internet access! I could be a daily blogger. Amazing!
 5. Move outhouse to the new "town approved location"..
6. Send the pigs to the butcher..and get back too much meat for anyone to eat! 
I know I have to do them, but really, the only one I'm looking forward to is "get internet at the yurt"..ok, that's not true, I'm looking forward to them all, except #1.


  1. Internet access is a mixed blessing. I hope it doesn't interfere with the other things you need to do because it certainly would for me!

  2. fortunately, "internet access" at the yurt is a little less consistent than anywhere else. Our computer only holds it's charge for about 3 hours at the most, and after that, it needs to go somewhere else to recharge, as we have no I have the opportunity to update things, but not so much the opportunity to become absorbed in things, at least not for long :)

    And, now I have to share my internet with Seth.. ;)

    The main reason we wanted it is to enable us to do the things we need to without having to drive 20+ minutes to get access!

    But it is a mixed blessing, I'm already feeling less rugged. :)