Thursday, September 27, 2012


I am trying to teach my daughter to sleep well at night. That milk is not needed constantly, that moonrise is not the best time to play. I’m trying to teach her to sleep as I rarely sleep - long and still and soft. I’m trying to teach her kindly, so she doesn’t fear the darkness, so she doesn’t wake alone and small in her little bed to be haunted. I want her sleep like her father and wake revived. How do I do this? I am looking for advice.


  1. We should chat about that sometime. I can share my experiences, but not sure how helpful they will be in the short-term. Time seems to be the only thing that made a difference for my boys. They are very good sleepers now. Oh, except for Rowen. He just went from being a good sleeper to being an average, I want to nurse every two hours, type of baby. The thing that makes it easier this time is that I know he will outgrow it at some point.

  2. The problem is, sometimes moonrise is the best time to play.

  3. We should chat! I want to hear all about it!

    And you're right, Laura, but still..