Monday, September 17, 2012

The Weekend

We ate a lot this weekend. Saturday I made orange-poppy seed pancakes for breakfast. We had them with butter, home-made strawberry jelly, and lots of coffee. Having a space set apart for the kitchen is wonderful. I feel I can throw myself into cooking again. We have an over-abundance of eggs this weekend; on Sunday I used up some in a quiche and in cookies, my husband made us an omelet with four, but we’re still overflowing. He brought six in for a co-worker today, and I’m left with an even dozen, not to mention what’s out in the coop. I think I’ll make cupcakes today.

The nights are getting colder, we had a frost advisory last night, but fortunately we didn’t get the frost, I haven’t brought in my basil yet, and I don’t want to loose it. I’m excited about our winterizing projects this fall, a real floor in the yurt, pretty wool on the walls, and closing in the area beneath the yurt - they’re all so attractive. And I like the idea of being even more cozy this winter!


  1. I have nothing to add but OM NOM NOM.

  2. That's nothing..I made donut muffins yesterday. Amazing..I could eat all of them, each with it's own cup of coffee..but Yarrow and Seth made sure I only got two..they're THAT greedy. :)

  3. you can save your precious baked goods from their greedy clutches by sending some my way.