Monday, November 26, 2012

Monday Plans

This morning is cold! The pig’s water, chicken’s water, and all our buckets are frozen solid. The ground is hard and I’m grateful my husband managed to dig the new outhouse base before this morning’s chill - I don’t know if the earth will warm again this season. Our four-day vacation for Thanksgiving was lovely, my ideal blend of family solitude, true solitude, and visits. I loved having my husband home for four whole days. I’m looking forward to the winter, when snowstorms and deep cold will keep him home more often.
We had grapefruit and Greek yogurt for breakfast with just a bit of coffee for me and a big mug for Seth, who needs it on the long drive to work. Looking at Yarrow this morning, I realize she’s had another growth spurt, the nightdress she was tripping over at the beginning of the month is at her ankles. She will not eat yogurt plain, I have to add honey or raspberry jam. I’m sure she’d love it if I added both, but I won’t.

Today we’re making her ‘healing salve’ olive oil steeped in comfrey, oatmeal, and calendula (I’m so proud that the comfrey and calendula are from our own garden this year!), coconut oil, and beeswax. I made a basic oil and beeswax salve on Saturday, but winter weather requires a bit of skin support, for us as well as Yarrow, and this salve is a delight. Later, I’m hoping to bake a bit, and wash the left over dishes. I’m saving the big baking for the end of this week, when Yarrow’s Bushia comes up for a surprise visit. We weren’t expecting to see her until Christmas, but Yarrow is craving some grandmother love, and I would love to show off my kitchen! I’ve borrowed my mother-in-law’s “Baking with Julia” book, which is a fantastic baking companion. I’m actually hoping my husband will get me a copy for Christmas (used - to avoid supporting some of her more problematic organizations) and I’ll be able to bake my way through popovers, cakes, croissants, and breads.

While Yarrow naps this afternoon I’ll be working on Christmas gifts: a red cashmere dress for her to wear at midnight mass (from a turtleneck I found at the thrift store), an Infant of Prague soft doll (because she loves him so very much), and some stocking stuffers for my husband. We are putting a lot into Christmas this year, more handmade gifts, actually sending out cards this year, and doing an advent calendar of our own. I feel so much of a desire to spread out a bit in our life, and share the beauty.


  1. I am feeling inspired after reading this. I've had hardly a minute to think about Christmas preparations this year, but I guess it's time to begin!

  2. Thanks..I'm still feeding off the inspiration I got from hearing about Ryan's cousin sending his Christmas cards out early!