Saturday, November 17, 2012

Time for Things

In a letter recently, a friend reminded me to make time for the things I love. Not just the people I love, though they are important too, but the things. I’ve been reflecting on that this week, in quiet and retreat. I’ve been taking more time with my meals, making food lovely and good, reading books and focusing more on nutrition. I’ve been drinking more tea this week, and less coffee, praying more and walking slowing down the drive.
Today, with soup on the stove and bread in the oven, I sat down at my wheel again to throw pots destined for the slop bucket; pots that will remind my hands how to pull and form the clay, pots that will remind me that I can create. I left one on the wheel, a low bowl I might love. I’ll look at it again tomorrow, when I bake my slow-rising ciabatta and sit at the wheel again, with the little, white oven heating the room.

1 comment:

  1. Em, your posts always are so poetic and make me long for a more simple life. I too have forgotten to make time for the things I love and because of it I forget that God wishes each one of us to relax in world and enjoy our days.