Monday, December 10, 2012

We sent our pigs off to the butcher yesterday. It’s strange not to have the chores everyday: feed, water, feed, water, water, water.. The pigs damaged their water trough a couple weeks back, giving it an uncertain, slow leak. I slept well last night, with no night-sounds from the pen to wake me. They’ll be back in a week or so - easier to handle and so much more enjoyable! Keeping pigs has been a fun adventure. I’m looking forward to doing it again soon. I’ve learned a lot. We’ll have a rubber water trough next year, and and early appointment with the butcher. We’ll have more scraps for the pigs, and and a larger pasture area.
Today we have a storm: snow and ice making the world all-over in white. But it’s warm - 30s and 40s, slick and wet . I’m working on a new batch of croissants, slowly seeking perfection; and a batch of popovers to eat with butter, honey, and a pot of hot tea this evening. I’m leaning towards making soup again tonight - fish chowder or creamy potato-leek. With grilled cheese or baked brie.. But we’ll see, maybe we’ll just end up eating oatmeal.

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