Tuesday, January 8, 2013


 The nights have been cold and starry, in the negatives with crying wind and ice forming inside the door and windows.  There's promise of warmth to come this week, which would be lovely. I brought home the bacon and ham last weekend, and we're enjoying having meat as often as possible until Lent comes to make the whole freezer one giant temptation.
Our freezer is doing it’s job well, and when we ran out of propane we discovered that once it gets to temperature, if it has nothing to fight against, really, the freezer will stay frozen without propane. All our meat is solid, and the air outside is keeping it that way, with the freezer just providing stability, I guess. We check it everyday, and we’re ready to refill the tank at any moment, but there is really no point wasting propane, right?! Nature is such a friend sometimes.

Yarrow seems to be learning to fall asleep on her own, at least, during the day. It started in California, and has carried over a bit since coming home, mainly - I think, because she has a messed up sleep schedule and gets tired at uncertain times, and partially because she’s been sick, but there might be a bit of growth there as well.

I am slowly purging and rebuilding my wardrobe, there is a big black bag waiting for the thrift store, and a pile of fabric waiting for my hands - it’s been this way for a couple months, but the new year does bring some motivation.
This week after Christmas, with the tree down and the straw swept up, we are falling back (slowly) into daily rhythms and trying to avoid falling back into bad habits. I’ve been giving myself small decluttering projects. Yesterday, I detoxed the paper-drawer (they drawer we keep all - or most anyway- of our important papers and files). Today I am sorting through fabrics, and hopefully cutting some patterns.
I'm more than half through a tin of delicious 'Weekend Morning' tea, and I really don't want to finish it. I intended to drink it only on weekend mornings, but self-discipline has never been my strong point, and the tea is so fantastic, and so perfect with toast or scones or crepes or..anything really, that I've been indulging weekdays as well. But only with milk - it is a tea that pairs perfectly with milk.

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