Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Lenten Essentials

We eat somewhat repetitively during the Fast. But, after a couple months of too-much pork, it's actually a nice break. A chance to slow down and think things through. And a chance to rediscover old favorites. Here are a few foods that keep us going!

We eat more beans in this season than anything else. Beans and rice, tomato-bean soup, spring-rolls with garbanzo beans mingled in..Beans are a delight to the Lenten soul.

Salsa Lizano:
I’m not 100% certain this is completely Lenten appropriate, but I think it is, my Spanish is not the best, and I don’t try too hard. I don’t know where you would find this, a friend supplies us, but it makes beans and rice The Best Meal Ever. If it fails - Lent-wise, it would only be due to vegetable oil (which is technically supposed to just be olive oil, so…)

Thai Rice Noodles:
They’re good with Everything, and they’re always acceptable.

Specifically, honey and mustard. I mix them together on wraps, dip spring rolls into them, or pretzels, or pour the mix on salads as a no-oil-day dressing.

Home-made bagels are God’s Lenten Gift to the world. They are allowable on all days, and can be eaten with anything, like honey and mustard!

On potatoes, tortillas (with other things), and in bean dishes. Salsa, though, makes me miss eggs sometimes.

Lentil stew is a fantastic and easy Lenten meal.

Most of our breakfasts in Lent are Oatmeal and half a grapefruit. It’s filling enough to get you through a long morning, and can be changed up with different spices. Recently, I’ve been making ours with honey, cardamom, and cinnamon. Tomorrow, I might add walnuts.


  1. Oooh do you have any suggestions or ideas for how to make oatmeal savory (read, with salt instead of sugar/sweetener)? I eat oatmeal every.morning and have been consistently doing honey and blueberries as my add ins. But lately I've been craving salt instead in the mornings, but other than salted butter (my fast is modified as I'm nursing...and it hasn't actually begun yet for Orthodox ;) ) and additional salt, I can't wrap my brain around what other spices/seasonings I could add that would complement the butter. Ideas?

  2. I actually usually use honey or no sweetener..and it took me a while to even think about what I would do with salt in my oatmeal..and honestly, I'd probably end up adding cinnamon or clove or something anyway. None of them have to be combined with sugar, really..I think cinnamon and cardamom would work with butter..and maybe some almonds..Good Luck! When does the Fast start for you? We're very different this year, aren't we!

    Are you allowing dairy & eggs, or just one or the other? When Petka was nursing more often last year, we were also getting a huge number of eggs for the season, and I just added in eggs, though I allowed myself to occasionally have some milk (I love milk so much) if I was feeling depleted. :)

  3. Okay, I made your tomato-bean soup the other day, or a version of it anyhow... dumped a can of beans and a can of Italian (basil and oregano) stewed tomatoes into vegetable stock, and served it with bread and hummus.

    Stupendous. Lou and I are hooked. :D

    1. Oh I'm so Glad!!
      It's wicked easy isn't it!?
      It's really fun with a bunch of tasty cheeses added to the table..after Lent, for us..

      Happy Friday! :)