Wednesday, February 27, 2013


February has been a month of storms. I’m watching our second this week come down around me this morning; coating the trees and the earth again in a fresh layer of softness. It’s beautiful. So beautiful that I want to go wandering through it and get lost. I want to lay down when I’m tired on a warm bed of snow and sleep while it covers me..I want to, because I’m warm and inside, if I did go out wandering, I’m sure I’d much rather come back in to sleep and sip hot coffee. My husband is home again today, the storms keep him home a lot this month. Sunday, driving home in awful conditions, we couldn’t drive up the hill on our road and had to park on the main road, about a half-mile from home, hike in with our bags, and wait for the warmth on Monday to melt enough ice away. It’s made us more cautious. The car is parked close to the yurt today, and we’ll be going nowhere until it’s all clear - which may not be before Saturday.

But we have coffee, water, wood in abundance, and plenty of books..What more could we need to weather the storms of late winter? This afternoon I might go walking through the woods, with Seth’s camera, and warm layers - or maybe not with his camera, I do tend to fall a lot..

Keep warm and cozy, friends! We will be, for sure.

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  1. I do miss those late-winter storms from when I lived up north.