Friday, April 26, 2013

7 quick takes: vol...I'm not sure - 4?-5?..I think it's 5.

My husband has been making breakfast-haiku cards..They’re amazing - I think! So people-I-know-in-life can prepare their mailboxes for the joy of receiving one. You’ll love it, I swear. He makes me look bad sometimes, this husband of mine, with all his guitar-playing, baby-dress-making, tattoo-designing skills. I tell myself that I’m just too artistic to be so much of an..artist, my temperament is too carelessly bohemian, but I know it’s a lie. He’s just more talented. It comforts me that he’ll never be able to throw (partially because I’m a distracted teacher, and partially because he’s only tried a couple times..I’m keeping him far from my wheel!)

We’ve been burning through our brush piles (they are Legion). Holding ourselves to a (so far lonely) Thursday night bonfire has been kind of fun, Yarrow loves collecting sticks and potty-training herself as ‘naked-baby among the trees’. Last night we made popcorn and drank beer, sitting on old pallets and watching the flames dance. Next week, the guitar is coming out!

I’ve been sort of absent - blog-wise - recently..I need to cut myself off from the internet for a night or two to get some actual thoughts down on paper to write about. My days have been full of spring-work and lazing in the sunshine, my evenings have been fun, but unthoughtful, and my concentration is gone..who can concentrate when all the trees are laughing? I think I’ll just go for a walk in the woods..

A Christian friend recently introduced us to the enneagram way of personality-typing. We got super excited and delved into it (I’m a decided 4 with a 5 wing, apparently - which means I’m undisciplined, but I’m also probably smarter than you..haha. Really.) But then, looking around, I saw articles claiming the enneagram is not compatible with Catholic teaching..does anyone know why, or in what way? The book we had seemed not much different than Myers-Briggs or any other type of personality test. Is it actually not acceptable, or just ‘yoga/Harry Potter’ style not acceptable? Because I can handle the second type no problem.

I have the patterns. I have the fabric. I just haven’t put them together yet to make new clothes for myself. Lazy? Yes. Distracted? Yes. Fear of failure? For But this will be the week! Right?? Especially as I’ve decided to jump into the What I Wore Sunday crowd - mainly to motivate myself to break out of the rut I’m in Sunday-clothing-wise: Black skirt, Black shirt, Black shoes, colorful headscarf..Goth is just such a hard habit to break!

My blogging friends Jenna and Christie are joining me in a Harry Potter read through. I’m not a fan. Jenna is. Christie is reading them for the first time..and we like each other, so the conversation should be fun, and will occasionally include recipes. Yay! It’ll be over at Cyganeria if you’re interested!
This is what I want to do with our bed..amazing how hard it it to find foam pads that aren't crazy expensive though - especially for a full sized bed. But it'll happen, I'm looking really hard. Right now our mattress is pretty beat-up, and my back is feeling it!


  1. Did you make that cup and saucer? Because they are beautiful.

    I got all curious about the enneagram, went on a search, and came up with this report from the U.S. bishops' Secretariat for Doctrine and Pastoral Practices. I didn't read the whole thing, but the parts I skimmed were interesting. Hopefully that's helpful!

    Enjoy the guitar at the bonfire! I'd totally come if it wasn't a 3000 mile drive... someday!!!

    1. I made the cup..the saucer is actually bronze..or some metal. But Thanks! And I just threw a new one too, not the same style..but my first 'keeper' in a long time!

      Thanks for looking it up..I skimmed too, 'cause it was a bit long, but it seems to have problematic elements but not to be out and out Wrong, like astrology.

      That 'someday' bonfire will be the Best!

  2. 1. I second. BEAUTIFUL. The kind of thing I would plop tons of money down for in a handcraft store. I see etsy in your future!

    Masha's talent: snagging a Renaissance husband away from the Mormon housewives! Think of all the things _they_ have to be good at to get theirs! c;

    2. Afon's potty-training naked in the Ricardo backyard as well! Now if I could just get him to do it on a potty.

    3. I did notice, but I figured . . . Spring happened!

    4. I have the book Personality Plus, which groups people according to the old humors. I guess it could be bad if you were actually saying, "Well, if you're angry all the time, that means you're sanguine, and you should do a regular blood-letting." xD But that's not what it's suggesting.

    I don't see any moral problem in observing and categorizing natural human personalities. And figuring out who is what and how they are compatible seems like it could only make life easier. Maybe the hesitance is because its roots are in Persian astrology or something? I don't know, I'll look at Jenna's link.

    I'm not sure about Yoga. I practiced Tang Soo Do for quite a long time, but I read that the yoga positions are specifically meant to channel questionable states of mind and even spirits. Can the positions be divorced from their pantheistic origins, or is there something in the nature of the positions that makes them always open to unwholesome influences? Or it may be that certain people can participate without worry and other are more at risk.

    1. Etsy store in the making!

      ..and WEEP Mormon housewives! LOL!!! That IS a Talent..or maybe it's just the coffee..Seth would die without coffee

      Congrats to Afon..we have to find an attractive-yet-functional potty chair for Yarrow still..then maybe we'll stick it outside so she has at least some consistency in life.

      Spring did happen!! Crazy, huh?

      Yoga..I LOVE bikram (never do it anymore because it's far and expensive) but I guess I always figured half of Catholicism has pagan origins, so why not yoga too? But that might be me just being lazy because I like doing it..Examine everything, right!

  3. Regarding #4, I don't think enneagram personality categorizing is contrary to Catholic teachings, since Pope John Paul I did something similar in a very amusing style in one of his pre-papal "Illustrimissi" articles (which I think you'd love:

    1. Thanks BT!!! I'll hunt it down!!! John Paul I..I never hear anything about him, poor guy!