Monday, April 22, 2013

Today (Dzisiaj)

Today I am..
Feeling tired..too many thoughts and not enough coffee. I’m drafting a lot of different things, some for blog posts, some poems, some other things, and my to-do list is being neglected.
Seeing green and blue everywhere! The sky is clear and cool and full of soft spring breezes. The trees are all a-bud and some of our flowers are peeking out of the earth!
Smelling’s a clean, fresh, living scent, still lingering on my sweater from Sunday’s planting of peas and beans out in the front garden.
Tasting cream..and coffee and cinnamon-letter cookies from Trader Joe’s.
Listening to quail flutter up into the trees and the weird mating call of some water-fowl (I think) the resonates all over the land..’Ah - thump..ump..ump..ump’.
Grateful for Seth's abundant help last weekend - He hauled so much water - filling the two rain barrels (one about 40 gallons, the other 50 or 60 gallons) so that I'd have enough to do everything I need to this week, including a bath!
Reading Kathleen Norris ‘The Cloister Walk’..It’s my day off, so why not refresh an old friendship!
Loving my slow day, my fading bunch of yellow roses, my pile of books, my tea-catalog, and my blue willow cup.
Hoping for some time on my wheel this week, and a chance to pick up running again after a winter off.

lessed Monday!

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