Friday, June 7, 2013

Seven Quick Takes...

Our workday Saturday has made me reflective and sad. The attempt to reach out to those who claim isolation on our part has fallen flat - no response, no interest. I’m mourning the friendships that might have been, but moving one - I cannot not be me to court those who wish I were someone else. I wonder if the emotional clutter in my life is something else that ought to go in this year of cleansing.

But with those who did come, we had a lovely time, and I was thrilled the share the growing gardens, the sunset, and the evening rain with them. The evening brought cooler temperatures and cold drinks, laughter and fire, food and conversation. It was a blessing after the long, hot day.

My meals have been more focused this week, lovely and fun - I’ve discovered that Gazela has a Rose wine, one not-to-sweet, bubbly and fresh. It went perfectly with last night’s salad and over-easy, boursin omelets..and especially well with the last of the Crenshaw melon.

Yarrow has a rare cold. She’s exhausted and crabby, so my days are spent soothing her sorrow and giving her lots of water - I’m thinking of sharing some of the Elderflower presse with her this afternoon..elderflowers are healthful, and I know she’d love the soft taste..but she’s a bit of a glutton about flavors, and I don’t want to lose it all to her greed!

As I organize things, I’m realizing more and more that my time and the inflow of random items into my house. What I know needs to be done is difficult - the creation of order requires sacrifice sometimes, and some hard conversations, I’m sure. My thoughts need more time to organize though, and the nagging worries about this and that need to be put to rest before my full attention can be given to anything - how do I hold myself to simplicity despite subversion from outside?

I’m mid-way through the 30-day Squat challenge and my legs are burning after 145 squats today, but I’m enjoying it as well, and - to my surprise - it’s been helping my running, my legs are exhausted so often, they’re strengthened. And it inspires me to push myself just a little more!

I have about a dozen posts I want to write, and plenty of time today and tomorrow - with rain passing through and Yarrow resting up - but my brain is so fuzzy and distracted: A response to Christie’s comments on blogging as community, thoughts on food and love, on isolation and introversion, on ordering an unwilling mind.. I sometimes wonder if I drank more coffee - two pots, at least - would I have the focus necessary, or am I a lost cause?

Blessed Weekend, all! And do check out more at Conversion Diary.

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