Monday, June 3, 2013


Today I am..
Feeling.. reflective..If I can collect my thoughts into any sort of order, I may come out with a post or two on isolation, social expectations, or the perils of introversion.
Seeing.. beauty everywhere in my new Anthropologie catalog.. too bad it's priced out of my reach!
Smelling..damp earth - more rain today, making the hot ground steam
Tasting.. blood.. Oops! I hate biting my tongue! Suzanne Nance's classical program on NPR! I've missed it recently.
Grateful...for good advice and lovely support from far-away friends.
Reading.. Nothing, actually..and it's kind of lonely without a book.
Loving..the poor tired babe on my lap, who's slept and fussed and been an exhausted crabby mess all weekend. I think I need to re-order her days a bit to rest her up after two weeks of excitement and indulgence. run this evening..and to order my own days in a deeper and more lasting way as the week continues.
How is your day looking?
Blessed Monday! 


  1. I would love for you to make this into a link-up. I would do it! I'm on a linky kick, I guess.

  2. Ooh..Fun thought!!! I'll try to figure out how by next week!!!

  3. Ooh, awesome idea!! I might even join in on that. :D It'd be a quick way to do short Tuesday posts--I would have to join in on Tuesdays--a nice contrast to the crazy long pieces I've been doing lately.

    Inlinkz is handy... whether it's easier than Mr. Linky, I couldn't say. I have accounts with both but used the former for the H.P.B.C... feel free to email if you have questions!

  4. That would be great! And you will probably get an email crying for help..but maybe not..maybe I'll get it right the first time! maybe..