Monday, August 5, 2013


Today I am..

Feeling..chilly..It's the first week of August, but our mornings and nights are pure September.. I'm not ready to pull out sweaters and extra blankets! The summer is fading fast, and really, it's barely begun since we lost June to rain! At least the chillier weather will make it easier to bake and can..and I do need to can all those cucumbers...
Seeing..the wind shake the plants crazily outside my window. It's storm-wind, but the sky is clear..another taste of autumn today.
Smelling..rose and sage incense - the sensory detoxification - burning on the altar and beside the door.
Tasting..tea and oatmeal. I wish we'd had cottage cheese leftover from the weekend's breakfasts, or more quiche..but we all loved them too much for that to happen.
Listening.. to the's very enthusiastic..makes me want to curl up with a pot of tea and a couple books and do nothing else all day!
Grateful...for insulation tucked all around the yurt. Seth's been making sure we'll have a warmer, cozier winter than ever this year, and is improving the whole look of the yurt by making the walls tighter and smooth, like they're supposed to be!
Reading.. Gregory of Nyssa, and an old book on fairies across the world (mainly English), but there's representation from many other places and it's fascinating! retreat.. I'm feeling so good about it! And so determined to stick it though and do it right, without skimping or bending the focus..and I'm planning another one for late winter!
Hoping.. I'll be able to take my sweater off sometime today..and that we can really kick up our winter-preparations..see as winter might be closer than it ought to be.


  1. Oooh title and author/editor/compiler (and publisher?) of the fairy book? Would like to look it up if possible... So glad your retreat is regenerative!

  2. "The World Guide to Gnomes, Fairies, Elves and other Little People" by Thomas Keightley. Avenel Books, New York. 1978. Originally printed in 1880 as The Fairy Mythology (published by G. Bell of London)..I was too lazy this morning ;)

  3. I can't believe you're getting hints of autumn already! I am so not prepared for that!!!

    Congratulations on having such a good time with your retreat, though! That's fantastic. I'm happy for you. :)