Monday, February 3, 2014


Feeling..the warm, warm, 20+ degree morning sun through the dome! It's been an amazingly warm past few days. I'm grateful..this has been one intense winter (so far), and I wouldn't mind saying good-bye to the bitter nights and barely bare-able days permanently..and proud that I'm starting Monday with a clean house! Sunday night is pretty much the ideal time for cleaning. pretty willow-ware cups on bright red saucers, morning tea, and Luba's resentful face just inches from my knee. We didn't let her come inside to play with my in-law's dog yesterday (she managed to steal bites of fresh bread from us with everyone in the car together! That's just too sneaky for words!) It was nice and warm yesterday, don't worry (40!!!!!)  Luba's decided the best way to make up for yesterday's behavior is to try and snatch the bacon from Seth's lunch..Luba is wrong.

Smelling.. green-tea-coconut chai..without milk, because I forget to buy some. I miss milk..maybe Seth will buy me some on his way home..I hope so, I have three jars from past milk purchases, and the deposit should pay most of the cost of a new bottle..I adore raw milk, it's getting harder and harder to just settle for organic (even though we have a great local milk company that doesn't 'ultra-pastuerize' their milk, MOO milk). I want Raw though, and I want it now!

Tasting..tea...not much else. I will be tasting a bagel and cream cheese soon though, well, half of one, Yarrow will have the other half. Maybe I'll set them out with a little greens-bacon-red-pepper salad..that sounds nice, doesn't it!

 Listening.. to the CD I got for donating to Soul Gardening this fall: Hope & Justin - Eastern Bound

 Grateful... for another warm day! And a clean house. And hot tea. 

Reading..Actually, today I'll be reading again and again about the little battle between Wilma the Witch's Fat Cat and her bratty little pet Rat, his Bat, and his Hat..then I'll move on to Katy (the tractor-thing) and the Big 'No (Snow) she plows, and after that, if I'm lucky, we'll get to read The Kitchen Knight..Yarrow needs a restful, reading day.

Loving..that all the projects I'd planned for this morning are already done, so I can give Yarrow that resting, reading day!

Hoping..for a fantastic new month! I can't believe January is over..I think I missed most of the past month just being cold. Now everything can start getting warmer, right??

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  1. I don't know where you find all your energy to clean on Sunday!! I'm about ready to go to bed by seven! ha ha! I'm so glad sunshine is in your future. It's just so lovely to have the sun, no matter how chilly it is out!!!!!