Monday, March 17, 2014


Feeling.. thoughtful, lenten, and reflective. I've a hot water bottle nestled against my belly, a curtain on the door-window to keep away the view, and a seed catalog on my lap. I'd berate St. Patrick for sending cold on his feast day, but he's been entertaining Yarrow all morning, so I guess we're even. 

Seeing..Green grass poking it's tiny heads about ground, tulips and crocuses popping up under a warm, blue sky, muddy roads, and muck boots, and trees turning green - it's all in my head (that's why the curtain is still closed). I don't want to see what's really out there! I've been out in it a few times already today to split and haul some wood for the evening from the old pig pen where we've been storing our wood since the usual area has been buried in snow. My neighbors tell me this is the second worst year they've seen for icy snow that refused to be plowed away..we'll no longer be getting plowed out (if there's another storm, we'll be walking in again), the plow-guy has no place left to put it. I'm dreaming of warm rains that wash the snow away.
 Smelling.. orange, clary-sage, and bergamont mixed with avocado and jojoba oils and vegetable's a facial oil I love, and I just mixed up a new batch today.
Tasting..disappointment. I thought I'd be treating myself to Lenten appropriate cream in my coffee for the feasts of Patrick and Joseph..coconut milk creamer is not actually a treat though. Apparently it's free of fake sweeteners and unpronounceable stabilizers..but somehow all I can taste is aspartame.  I am not impressed. Drinking black coffee until Easter just got easier.

Listening.. to the crows call each other as they fly back and forth, back and forth above the dome..I love them, calling for blessings and laughing at despair. Crows are my friends and I love the two who've stayed on over our house, calling and calling and calling each morning and afternoon.

Grateful... for hot water bottles and motivation.

Reading..Rilke's Book of Hours. Again. Because I love it.

Loving..The anticipation of spring. The hope that tomorrow will be warmer, brighter, one step closer to Easter joy, and the work of Lent, the discipline it gives.

 Hoping..that we'll have rain, not snow this week.. or bright skies and warm days, that would be best of all. But please, no more snow!
Working on..balance..the whole year is working toward balance. Toward health and wellness, toward peace and early morning energy. Toward consistency. I have a new sink! A big enamel pot with snow melting on it all day, it's hot right now, and I slip my dirty dishes into it to wash them later..a lovely system.

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