Monday, May 19, 2014


Feeling.. Busy. Excited..And at last I'm getting back to my blogs..and a little bit shakey. I've had way too much coffee today! I really should not have had that last cup! Or, at least I should have had breakfast with it..Maybe I just need food..But look!

Blossoms at last! It's been a long, slow start to a proper spring here in the woods! I'm so thrilled to see the tulips opening up!



and trees..

Smelling. Green..and coffee..and incense..and the anti-Luba's-smell spray of cedarwood, lemongrass, and lavender..because Luba can make the couch so stinky..especially running off in the rainy woods and coming back soaked, like she's been doing recently. need to eat something! Maybe a quesadilla for lunch?

Listening.. to Bushia and Yarrow play at being Uncle Christian and Clara..apparently they have a dog at their house and an insatiable love of lattes..
Grateful... for a restful weekend - planting, running, writing,'s been wonderful. I feel so ready for the week! get rid of the two dead Subarus we've been storing for the past year or so..I am so excited about sending them to a new home and getting paid for them!

Reading..a few drafts for friends and a lot of old poem drafts of my own..clearing out papers!

Working on..the yard! Always, always the yard..


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