Monday, March 9, 2015


Feeling... impatient. We're just waiting around now. I'm trying to keep my house in it's current state of near perfection, despite the people living in it, and the dog who delights in destruction. I should get this new baby a puppy of his or her own, but I'm making myself wait until the snow melts - house-training a puppy in winter is an awful thought! I should get Yarrow a kitten too..anyone who wants to find a hypo-allergenic kitten for Yarrow is welcome to send it our way, maybe two? I like Siamese and Russian Blue, visually. But I know nothing about cats. And it must have claws..I want this cat to be safe in the yard!

Seeing.. my husband make dull dresser beautiful. He's painting folk motifs on bare wood and it's so fascinating to watch. I love the colors!

Smelling.. Rosemary, mainly. Seth has been wearing Rosemary essential oil a lot recently. It smells fresh and clean and delicious. At Christmas, the grocery store was selling those little rosemary trees. I wanted one desperately. But they're not for culinary use, and it just didn't seem worthwhile to buy a whole tree of un-cook-able rosemary. I still want one, or five..for the house. 

Tasting.. clementines..and my new, supposedly very powerful, platelet juice. It's beetroot juice-powder mixed into a big class of carrot juice. It looks like clotty blood, tastes very medicinal, and should keep my platelets from dropping anymore. It's the should that haunts me. I want something definite. 

Listening.. to the soundtrack from 'The Book of Life' on the computer. We discovered the cartoon (by the same guy who made Pan's Labyrinth!) and it might be Yarrow's new favorite movie! It's adorable, very fun, and full of great characters. I like cartoons with characters who are really like-able, and not pathetic. And these characters - three friends, are wonderful! The girl, Maria, is strong, love-able, funny, capable, and so very kind..the guys are equally capable, delightful, and completely un-threatened by Maria..also completely in love with her. But their friendship stays strong throughout. I love it!

Grateful... for the slight warming trend! It's over 30 already today, and it's not even noon 

Hoping..I have the best platelet count ever at the next check..that this disgusting drink does it's job for me! And that I can manage to get into town tomorrow night for another massage. I'd like one more before the birth, and another soon after birth. They're amazing, really!

Reading..Backyard Medicine, F. Scott Fitzgerald's short stories..but neither consistently, mainly I'm just waiting and being distracted.

Working on..building platelets and encouraging labor. This would really be a wonderful, warm week to have a baby!

How about you?? How's your day?


  1. It lost my comment! I was going to say, I knew there was a reason I liked the look of that movie!

  2. Also, have Seth take pictures of that dresser? :)