Saturday, September 19, 2015

Autumn Beginnings

I've been wanting to return to blogging. But so much is in my way, and not just this little imp:

Though he's amazing at distraction.

More than anything, I'm not blogging because I want to say so much, and it's all so fuzzy in my head, still taking root and growing. I haven't been able to make my thoughts turn into something public yet. But the summer is winding down, autumn is settling in, and I can smell the sharpening air - even through the long-lasting heat. I think my mind is clearing up, focusing more, and turning into something worthwhile again.

I've learned so much this past year, growing this delightful person, birthing him, and seeing the bond between him and his sister. They make my life so rich, I'm almost drowning in the joy of it. And I'm learning how to shape their days into lovely things, I'm reading Laudato Si' and feeling it sink into my heart. I'm shifting again to become more myself. I don't know quite yet where that will take my blogging, but I'm determined to write through it all as it continues.

This morning I have a pile of letters to mail off beside me, two journals, a recipe book, and an empty breve cup. My babies are playing in the sunlight with their daddy, and the ingredients for winter tinctures are scattered through the house. We'll be making a lung-healing oxymel this afternoon, unless I get distracted and forget again. 

I'm drafting posts with more concrete thoughts: on consumerism, on beautiful homes, on building a family village, on daily devotions. I hope they make it beyond the back pages of my journal.


  1. Someday I should really read Laudato Si. Also, your children are adorable.

    I know how you feel about thoughts taking root and growing and not being ready for the open air. Lots of that for me lately--blogging has been borderline impossible--but I want to see both of us do more, because I think we're good at it, and it makes for more lovely and happy places on the internet. :)

    1. Yes!!! And lets do it this year! 2016 for the win!!!!

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