Friday, May 7, 2010

I decided that since I'm including recipes that I use in this "living on my land" blog, I would write up another today on the facial "mask" I love using, especially in seasons when my skin is taking a beating: summer and winter. In the summer, especially, I can't stay out of the sun. I love to lay out, work outside, lounge at the beach, and just enjoy the weather, so my face is extra exposed to wind and sun. I also, unfortunately, love to sleep in my make-up, just so I can wake up with that messy eyeliner look (I really don't know why I love that look in the morning!)

Now since I'm a potter, I have easy access to clay, and that works well for tightening pores, reducing any oil I might have, and "waking up" my eyes, if they need it; but often I just want a soothing, healing, softening mask, and this one is great. So here's the recipe:

1/4 -1/3 cup plain yogurt

spread on face and relax for about 15 minutes.

That's it, and honestly, if you only have vanilla, or strawberry, go for it. Strawberrys add a lot of vitamin C, Vanilla adds nothing at all. Your skin will be so happy!

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