Wednesday, June 2, 2010

This past month we've spent a lot of time out on the land. We have the spot for the yurt cleared and staked, we have a semi-useable road now, definately not a 4-season road, but very driveable right now. I've begun digging a garden as well, which is all tilled up about half-way across, and barely churned on the other half.
Today we are bringing out a shed so that we can start storing things on the land. Up until now, we've only been able to store items that fit in the tent, or can comfortably stay out in the weather. But this new shed will really begin our transition to living on the land.
As we've explored our property in the changing season, we've discovered berry bushes blossoming out by the stream, around the clearing, and all along the road. We have wild blueberries and either black, or rasp-berries. I'm hoping for blackberries. We've also discovered lady-slippers blooming in the woods.
Yesterday, we finally got a list of permits from our building code enforcer, only one of which applies to us right now. We need a permit to improve our right of way, the other permits, for building, septic, and plumbing don't apply yet because we are going to be using a grey-water system instead of a septic, and because our yurt is a "temporary" or "camp" structure. Thank goodness for nomadic dwellings!
I spoke to the man who assigns addresses as well today, and our wild irises are in bloom - things are going beautifully.

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