Friday, June 11, 2010

I'm looking at at least one truck today. If it works out, I may buy it today to. I'm hopeful. Working the land without a truck is getting more difficult. We have only a little car, hardly what we need to haul lumber, boxes, tools, and things out there. I'm also not entirely ready to leave my little side job yet, and for that I will need a truck, when I can't walk there anymore.

We are sort of amazed that in only a few weeks we'll be out there for good. Our yurt will be ready for pick-up in about a week, and then we'll have the weekend to set it up and begin arranging it for living. I'm so excited. Right now I'm ready to go without a lot of things to be out on that land full-time, to have the air and trees around me, and to be able to really call it home.

I realized just recently that we are actually going to be "homesteading." I hadn't really thought about it as homesteading so much as just "moving to our own place," but really we're creating a place for ourselves in nature, and with nature; we aren't destroying, we're editing. We're refining beauty.

This weekend they predict rain again, but rain or shine we'll be out there, because this is our last week of preparation, and we have a lot of building to do. My husband was out in the rain yesterday setting up the shed that will store a lot of our things during the moving process. This weekend we are setting posts and building the platform, and setting up the outhouse.

Outhouses are an interesting issue when dealing with city officials. Code officers don't like them. They are illegal in Maine, but they are disapproved of. When we heard this we were a little uncertain about putting one in. We read a bit more, and talked to some folks who had outhouses, and discovered that the sort of outhouse we're putting in isn't consider an outhouse by the code officers, it's considered a composting toilet and is perfectly acceptable. It's funny, and frustrating how much confusion one little term can cause.

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