Friday, August 27, 2010

Now that the cafe that was my part-time job is behind me, I have an abundance of time before me to dig my hands into the dirt of my own land and build it up! I spent the morning cleaning up, which is quite a different job without running water or electricity. Today I did dishes in the wheelbarrow full of rain-water, they came out beautifully, but I am looking for a big basin to set up in the kitchen, so that winter dishes won't involve standing out in the snow. I'm also on the hunt for a smaller pitcher and basin for my vanity table (really just a gorgeous old green dresser!), and of course, the unending search for a propane fridge (I'm calling on two today though, so the search may - please God- be over!)

We have an official address now, and I've collected mail from our little white and red box. It's a nice walk down to the road, I feel such a part of the neighborhood now.

We're working a lot on clearing pasture space and studio space, most of the trees are down, but they lay where they fell, we need to chop, split, and stack firewood, burn brush, and level the studio space. I'm hoping to make a little progress on my own today, and together, my husband and I should do very well this weekend, even with Sundays promised rain.

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  1. Sounds very nice to have a day filled with things you like to do! And there is something about LAND and Working it that's so very Refreshing!