Tuesday, September 28, 2010

On Sunday we made plans for our Spring garden. We moved into the yurt too late in the season this year to have a proper garden, but this spring, having lived and loved our land, prepared the soil, and planted on time, we expect great things.
Saturday, my husband learned that 6 laying hens are ours for the taking, as soon as we build them a little home. When the weather clears a bit, we'll have that up and the hens pecking around in the dirt - our first productive animals, as the puppy is decidely unhelpful.
Before winter we'll hopefully get a small "kitchen building up for the woodstove and oven we have coming. I can't wait to bake proper bread again, and give up the propane single burner for the most part. It's all begining to feel like a "real" homestead, when the goats and pig come in the spring and the produce starts pouring in, then I'll really feel it.


  1. oh goats and pigs! that will be such an adventure!
    Of course, you know my stance on Hens and Chickens....oh Denis......

    What other animals shall you get?
    ( it feels so good to be able to comment again...I guess my cookies...are enabled? Computers have wierdo language)

  2. luba ( is that the correct spelling) is looking very regal and Lady like in this photo...:)

  3. yup, it's Luba, who rarely actually looks regal or lady-like.

    Unfortunately, the chickens fell through :( But we'll get some Soon, I hope.