Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Everything around me is so decidedly autumnal. The sky is grey and heavy, the air is chill and smells of dying leaves and woodsmoke. Even the light and colors are different, the contrasts too sharp to seem natural. The whole world looks alive and shimmering with secrets just out of view.

I went to gather wood this morning. In the early light the branches looked alive and glowing. I closed my eyes and breathed to shake to feeling that they weren't branches at all but beings, all silvery grey and brown against the green earth.

Autumn is magical. I feel so blessed to be able to meet it in nature. Living as we do is such a change from all my other lives, in apartments, in suburbs, in cities, in towns, in places where electricity, neighbors, and other distractions are right there. I didn't expect though, that I would be so comfortable in our new life, that it would be like coming home. There is still plenty to settle into, still adjustments to make, but the sense of living properly is so strong, I can't imagine going back.

The nights are especially beautiful. The warm woodstove, the flickering lights, the conversation, the scratchy radio. The stars that are brighter and more numerous than I expected. They are the kind of nights that feed the imagination.

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