Tuesday, December 7, 2010

I haven't been writing as often as I should, partially because I've been spending less time in town, and partially because I've been enjoying the process of thinking so much that I haven't been able to take the next step and form my thoughts into any sort of meaningful blog post. The yurt in winter is an ideal nest: warm, round, cozy, and so very welcoming. I've been spending so much time inside and crunching about the yard - the ground is so delightfully crunchy now, frozen and coated with just a small layer of snow. All the little tasks of homelife are more enjoyable with a little layer of snow to brighten the landscape.

Our road is still a Work in Progress. The improved areas are a joy to drive over, the unimprove are a nightmare. We got the Saturn stuck in muddy patches twice this weekend, the second time left the Saturn looking suspiciously like a getaway vehicle. I now attract cops on every trip into town. I'm thankful that the Subaru is a more intrepid little car, it can handle the worst of the road, and is strong enough to push the Saturn free of mud pits.

I'm especially grateful that Hunting Season is ending today. I'm looking forward to participating in future seasons, but this year we had a bit of trouble with a neighbor who hasn't quite gotten over his sense of entitlement. He's hunted on our land for twenty years and sees no reason why our living on it should alter that, despite our request that he not shoot on our land, particuarly near our house. We're hopeful that the situation has been resolved, but I still spent the season nervously hoping not to be mistaken for a deer.

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