Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Snow came this morning and coated the whole yard. Thankfully, during the thaw we had early in the week, I raked the road smoother, and once it freezes completely again, we both should be able to drive in.

The yurt is toasty warm in the snow, and it's so nice to look up and see snow falling on the roof. It's nice to be never more than across the room from the stove, it's nice to feel so close to the weather, but not discomforted by the weather in anyway.

We made a list of winter things to get done, mainly indoor things. On of them is 'finding our tree'. We put up our Christmas tree on Christmas Eve, and this year, we can have an 11' tree is we can fit it through the door! I'm also excited about the cooking I can do at home: candied orange peel, hot-buttered rum, truffles, pierogi, and so many soups. We have such a cozy, good-smelling home this season.

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