Tuesday, January 18, 2011

"desires are the memories from our future."

January is the month for seed catalogs and springtime dreaming. We are making a long list of plants we're planning to grow this year, including transplants and trees.

We've begun clearing the front of our property, along the road in preparation for apple and cherry tree planting in the spring. We're looking forward to beautiful flowers and fresh fruit to greet us as we come and go. In the same area, we're intending to plant huge bunches of sunflowers, poppies, and purple-cone-flowers to highlight the property line, and eventually follow the driveway down to the house.

This spring we will also be making our front yard an actual yard, instead of using it for parking as we've been doing. With a little fence around it and grasses growing within, it we be an ideal place to play. We'll be building planting boxes to set around the yurt, allowing strawberries, roses, and small herbs to grow safely and brighten up the house!

There is so much to do: digging, tending, fighting off pests. I'm excited and grateful to know that my mom will be coming out to help in the spring, bringing some of her abundant plants to share. I can't wait for the warm, wet days of spring to begin!

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