Friday, January 21, 2011

We have neighbor "issues" again. Our Poacher, who hasn't called or come onto the land since we firmly informed him that shooting on our property was not acceptable, called last night to inform us that we owed the road plowers money. "We all give about $20 per storm." he informed us, "you can just give it to me, I'll get it to him." Since we have absolutely no reason to assume the honesty of this neighbor, after his sneaky October bird-hunting, and since my husband resents being treated rudely by a man who seems not to realize that he does not own the road, he informed Our Poacher that when he gets a chance to talk to the plow-guy himself, he will square away with him what we have decided to pay. We will most likely not be giving the plow-guy $20 per storm, partially because he doesn't plow our driveway as he does every other driveway (not that we blame him, it's not exactly finished), and partially because he tends to plow around noon and leave huge chunks of snow scattered in the road.

I'm grateful that we bought 36 acres, hidden at the back of this road, instead of two directly on the road. Some of our neighbors are very friendly people, but Our Poacher and his buddies are a definate trial.

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