Monday, February 21, 2011

I hope my using this blog sometimes as a bit of a wishlist isn't too tacky or greedy. We found these onesies online and thought it would be great to give ideas. These are all from - there are more coming, and I'm sure, some more practical, but less exciting "baby things I want" to add to the list.

We've decided to try very hard to stay away from super-cutsy, pastel baby clothes. We're not really pastel people, and I'm sure the baby would be sad not to look like he/she belonged with the rest of the family. So instead we're looking for fun, funky, and often bright colors or pictures, and things the baby won't be embarressed to look at pictures of later on. What do you think of these?


and Thoreau!

"tattoo baby"

I like the heart..a lot.

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