Wednesday, March 2, 2011

The snow never stops, does it? We've decided that if we can survive this winter, with it's record storms and record cold, we can handle any winter - especially considering our firewood this year has been almost entirely green, not seasoned at all. For next winter, we are determined to have a plow-truck of our own, as the plow situation on the road is frustrating, rarely and badly done, and leaves me stranded for at least a day or two post-storm. We hope to sell my Saturn for a vehicle with better "roughing it" capabilities - ideally a truck. We are certainly going to stock and season more firewood - stacking it away from the sides of the yurt, where all the snow from the roof slides off and buries.

It's funny how often we forget taht this is not exactly a normal lifestyle - I'm so comfortable out here - even trudging down the driveway the other day through fresh, heavy snow, we realized that we didn't at all regret putting our house at the far end of the road. The walk is long, and sometimes difficult, but beautiful. It gives us a chance to see what the season is doing to th eland, hear the birds that are return, and look forward to the days when we do have a driveable road again.

The most trying thing about the land isn't the land at all, but the neighbor: Our Poacher, who seems determined to insert himself in the most unpleasent ways. We are trying to give him the benefit of the doubt, but he seems determined to leave no room for doubt. I think that after a year, we'll be sufficiently settled in, and he'll adjust to haveing us here. Hopefully.

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