Monday, March 28, 2011

Sunday was a blessed day of sunlight, blue skies, and the hint of spring's green scent. We can hear so many birds now: morning doves, woodpeckers, and many I can't name except as "warm-weather songbirds." It's thrilling to hear them all around us, promising an end to the snow at some point soon!

My husband set up our little maple syrup station and boiled down a big pot of sap as we worked around the yard. I beat out the rugs and brought in the wood he hauled and split. We discovered moose-tracks near our maple trees and rejoiced over new patches of bare-ground. In the early evening, before the sun went down I made a balm for my stretching belly - scenting the house with lavender and beeswax.

We accomplished so much yesterday, and yet, none of it was work in the technical sense - instead our day was one seamless act of worship - the creation of beauty consistent with the season of life around us. It fit in perfectly with the morning's Liturgy and leisurely breakfast. When evening truly came, and the light faded, our active afternoon passed smoothly into quiet reading, writing, tea, and conversation.

I was overjoyed this morning to discover that the sense of purpose that helped to create yesterday's atmosphere has continued through the night, along with the clear sky. Spring has truly come in our attitude towards the beauty around us - everything is new again and we are filled with a sense of the sacredness of each moment in the day.

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