Thursday, April 21, 2011

I'm begining to think we've been cursed by some frustrated mechanic. All our mechanical accessories have betrayed us, or are hovering on the verge of betrayel. The generator instigated the revolt. It refused, one evening to start up, and has continued in refusal since then, despite all our attempts. I'm in town today to download a new - non-water-damaged version of the owner's manual, to see if we can't convince it to come back to us. We've also contacted the technical help office, to see if we can't get an idea of what happened.

The chainsaw followed in rebellion, which was especially frustrating, as it's very new, and very necessary in our lives right now. We've cleaned it, read through the manual, adjusted parts, and it refuses to work better other than fitfully. I'm bringing it to the store, in the hopes that someone will be able to explain the trouble.

Our cars have not entirely betrayed us, but my husband's is frustrated with the constant jarring of the road, and mine is struggling through a general unsuitability for the life it now lives. We're hoping that this summer we can trade it for a tougher, stronger vehicle: a jeep, or pickup. Though the pickup will have to have a backseat. Another subaru would be acceptable too, if anyone would like to add our mechanical needs to their prayer-lists.

I'm not complaining quite as much as it may sound like I am. Things are bound to go badly at times, and though the few months before the baby comes are not ideal, at least they didn't go badly in the dead of winter, leaving us with no way to heat the house! I'm well aware of the blessing in that delay.

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