Monday, May 2, 2011

Thank goodness for sunlight, and for my patient husband, who spent a part of his bright Saturday afternoon cleaning and reassembling the generator. It's running again, and I feel as though, since it led the revolt, the others will fall back in line now that the generator is back to behaving.

We have had three whole days of sunshine, with predictions of another today! The road is almost dry enough to drive in on, and if the predicted rain tomorrow and Wednesday keep to a minimum, it should continue to dry beautifully. I am soaking up the sunlight every chance I get, I've already managed a bit of a burn on my shoulders.

My mom spent the week up here just last week, and she worked so hard. I was thrilled and impressed. She was such a fantastic, easy guest, and she was so willing to work really hard. She motivated me to get more done than I'd expected to, and she was obviously enjoying herself while working. I was thrilled to spend the week with her, and I'm looking forward to having her back in June.

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