Wednesday, June 1, 2011

We have chickens!

Four little hens, not-yet-laying, they've got a few weeks of growing left to do. While we're building them a proper coop, they live in Luba's cage, outside, and seem to be adjusting well to life outside the scary, horror-flick chicken farm we bought them from: long, deserted dirt road, tumble-down barn with lone, swinging light bulb, and frighteningly calm farmer. Luba is fascinated. She unfortunately got over her fear of them quickly and has convinced herself that we bought them as friends for her to play with. Since Luba's games with other small animals have usually ended in death and disappointment, we'd rather not let her "play" with the chickens. Hopefully she looses interest, or gets a peck on the nose that hurts enough to discourage her boundless and over-enthusiastic love.

We also have gravel!

I got a huge load delivered yesterday and am slowly starting to pick away at it. It's a lot of work, especially with bugs and heat and a belly that tends to get in the way. But I'm determined. We will be able to drive in by the end of the week! I'm not wasting my sunlight and dry ground.

1 comment:

  1. Luba! I'll be your friend!

    I hope your chickens aren't too overwhelmed by the irresistible love of Luba! I'm looking forward to meeting both dog and baby later this month-- and now CHICKENS!!

    ok, exclamation points where exclamation points are due: DOG!! and BABY!!!

    Hope all is well!